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Contact: Frank l. Rice
Integrated Tissue Dynamics (INTIDYN)

Excess Total Nerve Fibers around Shunts in Fibromyalgia Patients

Caption: These are digital images of what the arteriole-venule shunts look like in a tiny biopsy of human palmar skin as seen under the microscope. All of the nerve fibers that surround the shunts are white. A shunt in a woman without fibromyalgia is shown to the left and a shunt from a woman with fibromyalgia is shown to the right. The woman with fibromyalgia has an excessive quantity of nerve fibers around her shunt.

Credit: Frank L. Rice, PhD Integrated Tissue Dynamics LLC

Usage Restrictions: Except for use of news media, permission to reproduce this image must be obtained from Integrated Tissue Dynamisc LLC through FrankRice@Intidyn.com

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