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Contact: George Stamatis
University Hospitals Case Medical Center

Surgical Theater

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Caption: Surgical Theater aims to allow each and every neurosurgeon the ability to "Pre-Live the Future." The Surgical Rehearsal Platform supports a neurosurgeon's goal of providing patients with the best possible outcome from what can often be delicate and complicated brain surgery. Using standard scanned images from any patient, the FDA-cleared SRP generates 3D patient specific and accurate models showing the interaction between life-like tissue and surgical instruments. The tissue responds "realistically" to actions taken by the surgeon, enabling accurate pre-surgery planning and rehearsal. The unique software uses flight simulator technology to permit the remote connection of multiple SRPs; participants anywhere in the world can simultaneously work together and practice the same case with real-time feedback and collaborate on the planning of a specific surgery case.

Credit: University Hospitals Case Medical Center

Usage Restrictions: Footage should only be used in reports about Surgical Theater and not other stories concerning neurosurgery or surgery.

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