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Contact: Faith Singer-Villalobos
University of Texas at Austin, Texas Advanced Computing Center

Computational Models of Spacecraft Shielding

Caption: Top: This figure shows a computational model of the spacecraft shielding and wall depicted above. The wall of the spacecraft is shown in red. The shielding is modeled as five layers: aluminum (in yellow), multilayer insulation (in green), and Beta-cloth plus aluminized Mylar (in blue). The model reproduces exactly the correct material areal densities, but the layer count is reduced, in order to reduce computational cost. Bottom: This figure shows simulation results for the impact of a 0.24 cm diameter aluminum projectile on the spacecraft shield and wall depicted above. Impact velocity is 9 km/s and the impact obliquity is 30 degrees. The simulation indicates that this projectile will pass through the shielding system and perforate the wall of the spacecraft.

Credit: Eric Fahrenthold, The University of Texas at Austin

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