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Voyager 1 Crossed into Unexpected Territory (1 of 1)

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Caption: This is an animation of the viewing directions of the Low Energy Charged Particle (LECP) instrument on Voyagers 1&2. The stepper motor moves the detector platform 45 degrees every 192 seconds, and has been doing so since the launch of Voyagers in 1977. It has accumulated more than 6,000,000 steps, even though it was expected to last for only 500,000 steps. This video relates to a paper that appeared in the June 27, 2013, issue of Science Express, published by AAAS. The paper, by S. M. Krimigis at Johns Hopkins University in Laurel, MD, and colleagues was titled, " Search for the Exit: Voyager 1 at Heliosphere's Border with the Galaxy."

Credit: [Video courtesy of JHU/APL]

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