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Contact: Polina Petruhin
University of Haifa

Earliest Evidence of Using Flower Beds for Burial Found in Raqefet Cave in Mt. Carmel (1 of 3)

Caption: a) This is a field photograph of skeletons Homo 25 (adult, left) and Homo 28 (adolescent, right) during excavation; note the almost vertical slab behind the skull of Homo 25 and the missing skull of H28 (scale 20 cm). b) This is a reconstruction of the double burial at the time of inhumation; the skull of Homo 25 was displaced in the grave long after burial (see a) but originally the head was facing upwards; the skull of Homo 28 was ritually removed months or years after burial. Note the bright veneer inside the grave on the right, partially covered by green plants.

Credit: Photographs were taken by E. Gerstein. Digital figures were prepared by A. Regev.

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