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Contact: Ana Herrera
Carlos III University of Madrid

A Scientific Experiment Is Able to Create a Wave that Is Frozen in Time (2 of 2)

Caption: Scientists at the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) and the University of California - San Diego (UC San Diego) have created, in a laboratory, a static pipeline wave, with a crest that moves neither forward nor backward. In the waves that are formed when a rock is thrown into a pond, the water remains still while the waves move away from the center at their own speed. "In our case, what occurs is actually the opposite: the water moves very rapidly (at several meters per second), but the wave moves at a speed of zero. That is, it remains still, "frozen" in time for any observer who sees it from outside of the water," explains one of the authors of the research report, Javier Rodríguez, of UC3M's Fluids and Thermal Engineering Department.

Credit: UC3M

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