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Contact: Diana Campbell
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Magnitude Trends

Caption: This shows magnitude trends for (left) spring sea-ice concentration (%) (as represented by trends from the climatological 50% sea-ice concentration level) and (left) annual MaxNDVI (unitless). The right panel shows land-surface summer warmth index (SWI) (˚C month). Trends were calculated using a least squares fit (regression) at each pixel. The SWI is the annual sum of the monthly mean temperatures > 0C, derived from AVHRR thermal channels 3 (3.5𔃁.9 μm), 4 (10.3󈝷.3 μm) and 5 (11.5󈝸.5 μm). The total trend magnitude (regression times 30 years) over the 1982� period is presented.

Credit: Figure courtesy of U. Bhatt, Geophysical Institute, UAF.

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