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Contact: Samantha Rae Ayoub
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Council of Canadian Academies

The State of Industrial R&D in Canada

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Caption: The Council's report, The State of Industrial R&D in Canada, provides an in-depth analysis of research and development activities in Canadian industries. While many reports have documented Canada's historical weakness in industrial R&D, this report sheds new light on the subject by examining areas of strength and how these strengths are distributed regionally. The report also overviews how R&D strengths align with Canada's areas of excellence in science and technology research and economic performance. Evidence related to the barriers and gaps that limit the translation of Canada's S&T strengths into innovation and wealth creation are also examined. This evidence-based report is one of the most detailed and systematic studies of the state of industrial research and development ever undertaken in Canada. It will serve as an important benchmark and tool for future policy and decision-making. This report was requested by Industry Canada via the Minister of Industry. It was conducted by a 14-member multidisciplinary panel of experts, chaired by Kathleen E. Sendall, C.M., FCAE, Director of CGG Veritas in Paris, France and Director of Enmax Corporation in Calgary Alberta.

Credit: Council of Canadian Academies

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