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Contact: YAN Bei
Science China Press


Caption: This is the section through the Lin 4 and Lin 5 members of the upper Permian Linxi Formation, Guandi town, Linxi County, eastern Inner Mongolia, with the fossil locations indicated. Left plate: (a) bryozoan stalk, in Lin 4 Member; (b), (f) bryozoan stalk, in Lin 5 Member; (c), (d), (g), (h), (i) bryozoan zooecium, in Lin 5 Member; (e) sponge spicules, in Lin 5 Member, Banlashan, Guandi Town, Linxi County, Inner Mongolia; Right plate: (j), (k), (l), (m) algal cementation in a bryozoan framework, in Lin 4 Member, in Banlashan, Guandi Town, Linxi County, Inner Mongolia.

Credit: ©Science China Press

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