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Contact: Kathy Wallis
519-661-2111 x81136
University of Western Ontario

Confocal Microscope Image of Osteoclast

Caption: Confocal microscope image reveals distinct patterns of the actin in bone cells. Actin is a cytoskeletal protein that is important for cells to adhere to surfaces, and to move. Actin filaments are stained green. Osteoclast (large multinucleated cell in centre) exhibits prominent actin localization in clusters of 'podosomes' (green puncta) around the edge. This actin network allows osteoclasts to attach to, and cause destruction of the underlying bone. In contrast, conventional actin stress fibers are apparent in neighboring stromal cells. Micrograph taken by Ryan Shugg, first author of the report in the The Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Credit: Western University

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