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Contact: Mary Beth O'Leary
Cell Press

PFKFB3 Blockade Inhibits ISV Branching and Tip Cell Filopodia Formation in Zebrafish Embryos

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Caption: This is a confocal time-lapse video imaging of a control (A; DMSO) and a 3PO-treated (B; 40 M) fli1:GFPy1 embryo from the +24 somite stage (24 hpf) until 34 hpf during sprouting of the ISVs. Imaging revealed normal formation of the ISVs and dorsal longitudinal anastomosing vessel (DLAV) in control embryos and incomplete ISV formation after PFKFB3 blockade. Note also that in 3PO-treated embryos, tip cells of ISVs projected fewer, shorter, and more slowly moving filopodia as compared to control embryos.

Credit: Cell Metabolism, Schoors et al

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