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Contact: Ji-hoon Kim
University of California High-Performance AstroComputing Center

Differences in Supercomputer Simulations to Be Compared in the AGORA Project

Caption: Differences in supercomputer simulations to be compared in the AGORA project are clearly evident in this test galaxy produced by each of the nine different codes using the same astrophysics and starting with the same initial conditions. The goal of AGORA is to analyze such differences in order to improve the realism and predictive power of supercomputer simulations, and thus astronomers' understanding of astrophysical processes.

Credit: Simulations performed by: Samuel Leitner (ART-II), Ji-hoon Kim (ENZO), Oliver Hahn (GADGET-2-CFS), Keita Todoroki (GADGET-3), Alexander Hobbs (GADGET-3-CFS and GADGET-3-AFS), Sijing Shen (GASOLINE), Michael Kuhlen (PKDGRAV-2), and Romain Teyssier (RAMSES).

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