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Genomic Secrets of the Sister to All Flowering Plants (15 of 15)

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Caption: In this video, Douglas Soltis and Pamela Soltis explain the importance of Amborella and the Amborella genome, and how it relates to understanding flowering plant evolution. This video relates to a package of papers that appeared in the 20 Dec., 2013, issue of Science, published by AAAS. The papers, by the Amborella Genome Project, D.W. Rice at Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind., S. Chamala at University of Florida in Gainesville, Fl., and colleagues were titled, "The Amborella Genome and the Evolution of Flowering Plants," "Horizontal Transfer of Entire Genomes via Mitochondrial Fusion in the Angiosperm Amborella," and "Assembly and Validation of the Genome of the Nonmodel Basal Angiosperm Amborella," respectively.

Credit: [Video provided by Douglas Soltis and Pamela Soltis; produced by Peter Byatt]

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