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Contact: Hou Xiuzhou
Science China Press

The cover of 2014(1) issue of Science China Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy

Caption: The 21st century marks the era where ultra-high strength and light weight alloys and composites will be used more sparingly for fabricating jet transports to enhance fuel efficiency. Thus, fatigue crack initiation and propagation may become comparably significant with respect to airworthiness. For this, the crack initiation behavior of high-cycle and very-high-cycle fatigue is essentially vital to the control of the fatigue life, for which the cracking origination is from the interior of material instead of from surface and presents a specific pattern of "fish-eye" and "fine granular area (FGA)" which takes a predominant part of total fatigue life. The background of this cover is an image of fatigue crack origination from the interior of material for a high strength steel showing "fish-eye" and FGA originated from an inclusion.

Credit: ©Science China Press

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