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Contact: Catharine Skipp
University of Miami

Eye Movements Scanning Snack Options (1 of 3)

Caption: The left image shows actual eye movements of two different persons choosing among four snack items as recorded with eye-tracking. Number "1" indicates where the first eye movement is made to. The right image shows predicted eye movements for the same two choice trials made using only the visual properties of the image and persons' stated preferences for the four items as input. The researchers are able to fairly accurately predict where people will look when making their choices and can use this information to predict which items people will ultimately choose to eat.

Credit: PNAS grants permission for the use of this figure from Towal, B., Mormann, M., Koch, C. (2013), "Simultaneous Modeling of Visual Saliency and Value Computation Improves Prediction of Economic Choice." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 110 (40) E3858-E3867.

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