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Contact: Derik Hertel
The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

Admixture Proportions of Human and H. Pylori Ancestry

Caption: This image shows admixture proportions (C-F) of human (C and D) and H. pylori (E and F) ancestry (n = 233). Each human host and his or her corresponding H. pylori isolate are represented by a vertical bar spanning both panels, with admixture proportions denoted by color: (C) Humans from the coastal region; (D) Humans from the mountain region; (E) H. pylori from the coastal region; and (F) H. pylori from the mountain region. For the human admixture, blue = African; green = European; and Amerindian = yellow. For the H. pylori admixture, blue = AA1; green = AE2; gray = AE1; and lime green = AEA.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Williams/Kodaman

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