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Contact: Daphne Watrin
IOS Press

EyeMusic Sensory Substitution Device Enables the Blind to 'See' Colors and Shapes

Caption: Top: The EyeMusic's constructed audio file preserves both spatial information and image colors. The Sensory Substitution Device resizes the image to X=40 pixels (columns) by Y=24 pixels (rows) and runs a color clustering algorithm to get a 6-color image. Middle: The 2D image's X-axis is mapped to the time domain, i.e., pixels situation on the left side of the image with sound before the ones situation on its right side, illustrated here in waveform. Bottom: The Y-axis is mapped to the frequency domain, i.e., pixels situation on the upper side of the image will sound higher in frequency while those on its lower side will sound lower in frequency, illustrated here in spectrogram representation.

Credit: Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience (Abboud et al.)

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