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Contact: Eric J. Tepe
Pensoft Publishers

Piper kelleyi (3 of 3)

Caption: These are some of the insects that depend on the newly described species of wild black pepper, Piper kelleyi, including two of the herbivorous caterpillar species known by team members as "rare brownie" (lower left) and "pink spots funky" (lower right), along with examples of their wasp (upper left) and fly (upper right) predators. Both caterpillars are ca. 1 cm long, the wasp is ca. 2.5 mm, and the fly is ca. 0.8 mm.

Credit: C. Morrison (caterpillars), J.B. Whitfield (wasp), and D.J. Incl‡n (fly)

Usage Restrictions: CC-BY 4.0

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