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Contact: Michael Bernstein
American Chemical Society

The Chemistry (And Fascinating History) of Pepper, the Spice that Changed the World (Video)

Caption: Pepper is one of the most plentiful condiments in the world today, but it used to be more valuable than gold. In the American Chemical Society's latest Reactions video, we examine how pepper's delectable chemistry made it a key player in the global spice trade. In 1498, the sought-after spice helped usher in the so-called "Age of Discovery," which bridged the gap between the Middle Ages and the Modern era. The videos are available at the links below:

The chemistry of pepper, the spice that changed the world: http://youtu.be/CKrrks2MugU

Allspice: The world's most misunderstood spice: http://youtu.be/powCDlagwik

Credit: The American Chemical Society

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