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Contact: Mary Beth O'Leary
Cell Press

Animation of a Recording from a Trial with 2 Male Bats Competing for Prey

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Caption: This is an animation of a recording from a trial with two male bats competing for prey. Red and blue each represent a bat (red = GR41 and blue = GR78), and the synchronized audio and video data have been slowed 10x. Each circle represents a vocalization emitted by that bat, with green circles representing social calls. The bottom portion of the screen shows attributes of each call emitted by the bats, including the start and end frequency and duration of each pulse, as well as the interval from the start of one pulse to the start of the next. The portion of the video in which the bats disappear then reappear from another location is due to the bats temporarily leaving the field of view of both cameras. In this trial, GR78 emits social calls around 00:11 and 00:34. Prior to the social call emitted around 00:11, GR41 is approaching a tethered mealworm and initiates a buzz but appears to abort the attack following social call emission by GR78, who captures the prey near the end of the trial.

Credit: Current Biology, Wright et al.

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