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Contact: Chew Munkit
World Scientific

Pocket-size Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Caption: This is a pocket-size ultrasonic nebulizer with insets: (Top) Nebulizer and MEMS-fabricated MHz nozzles laid on its cover. (Bottom) Aerosols ejected from the medicinal liquid layer resting on the end face of the nozzle tip: (L) Individual aerosols imaged using a high-speed camera (104 frame/sec) with short depth of focus at output rate of 40μL/min with 1.0 MHz nozzle, and (R) CCD image (20 frame/ sec) of aerosol stream at output rate of 350μL/min and electrical drive power of 0.27 W with 2.0 MHz nozzle. Note that the scale bars in (L) and (R) are 12 μm and 105 μm, respectively.

Credit: TECHNOLOGY journal.

Usage Restrictions: None

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