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Contact: Barbara K. Kennedy
Penn State

Mysteries of a Nearby Planetary System's Dynamics Now are Solved (2 of 2)

Caption: Mysteries of one of the most fascinating nearby planetary systems have been solved, report authors of a scientific paper to be published by the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society in its early online edition on 22 April 2014. The study presents the first viable model for the planetary system orbiting one the first stars discovered to have planets. This image is a star map for the constellation Cancer and the 55 Cancri system.  The star hosting the 55 Cancri planetary system can be seen with the naked eye from a dark site.  For observers in the Northern hemisphere, Cancer is best viewed in the spring.  The 55 Cancri planetary system orbits the star labeled rho^1, which is slightly to the left of the top star that is connected by lines in this illustration to show the constellation Cancer.  

Credit: Image courtesy of the International Astronomical Union and Sky and Telescope magazine (Roger Sinnott and Rick Fienberg)

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