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Contact: Karen Kreeger
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Amyloid-beta and Tau in Mouse Hippocamopus

Caption: Amyloid-beta (antibody 12F4) and hyper-phosphorylated tau (antibody AT180) immunostaining of hippocampus from 18-month-old mice. Amyloid plaques (top row) and intracellular tau tangles (bottom row) in the 3xTg mouse were strongly reduced by genetic deletion of 50 percent of the IP3R1 in the 3xTg/Opt mouse. Wild-type (WT) and Opt mice expressing 50 percent of InsP3R exhibited no pathology.

Credit: J. Kevin Foskett, Ph.D., & Dustin Shilling; Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

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