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Contact: Morgan Kelly
Princeton University

'Global Warming Hoax' and Politics

Caption: The researchers found that searchers for the phrase "global warming hoax" and related terms correlate in the United States with Republican or conservative political leanings. They compared the prevalence of searches for "global warming hoax" with the Cook Partisan Voting Index -- which gauges how far toward Republicans or Democrats a congressional district leans -- for 34 US states (above). They found that the more Republican/conservative the state (bottom measurement), the more frequently people in that state looked up related terms. The bottom graph shows how often a state votes Democrat (low numbers) versus Republican (high numbers). The numbers on the left indicate how often people looked up "global warming hoax" based on its percentage of the maximum search volume at any given point in time.

Credit: Image courtesy of William Anderegg

Usage Restrictions: None

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