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Contact: Angela Stark
The Optical Society

Augmented Reality Display without the Eye Strain

Caption: (a) This is the set-up of the experiment. (b) To create a 3-D scene, the micro integral imaging display combines many views of the scene from different perspectives. Here, a 3-D depiction of the characters "3D" is decomposed into its various perspective views. (c) – (f) These pictures show that the artificial 3-D image behaves as if it were a real object in front of you. In (c) and (d), the Snelling chart on the left is placed about 4 m away while the grating on the right is 30 cm away. The number "3" was created to appear farther away while the letter "D" appears closer. As a result, when the focus of the camera shifts from far (c) to near (d), so does the focus of the "3" and "D." When the position of the camera moves a little to the right from (e) to (f), the perspective of "3D" also slightly shifts.

Credit: Optics Express

Usage Restrictions: None

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