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Contact: Doctor Cecilie Schou Andreassen
The University of Bergen

Cecilie Schou Andreassen, University of Bergen

Caption: In 2009, Cecilie Schou Andreassen defended her doctoral dissertation at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Bergen. She is a specialist in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in the psychological treatment of problems related to drug and alcohol dependency (Norwegian Psychological Association). Schou Andreassen's doctoral dissertation is entitled WORKAHOLISM – Antecedents and Outcomes. This was the first European doctoral dissertation on this topic, and only the third dissertation on this topic worldwide. As a researcher, Doctor Andreassen is associated with the Faculty of Psychology, University of Bergen, where she is a prime mover in a number of large research projects (work addiction, Facebook addiction, exercise addiction, shopping addiction, drug addiction). She is member of the Bergen Group for Treatment Research at the faculty, and an active participant in a thematic research taskforce in the field of chemical and non-chemical addiction research at the same faculty. Doctor Schou Andreassen is also a reviewer for several international peer review scientific journals.

Credit: Ole Kristian Olsen

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