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Contact: Holly Evarts
Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science

Fluorescence Images of the Murine Hippocampus

Caption: These are fluorescence images of the murine hippocampus after diffusion of Dextran of distinct sizes (A, B) 3 kDa, (C, D) 70 kDa, (E, F) 500 kDa, and (G, H) 2000 kDa) through the opened blood-brain barrier with ultrasound (on the left) unlike the contralateral hippocampus (on the right) that shows no uptake due to intact BBB. The ultrasound pressure was 0.84 MPa for the four cases. These images show that higher amounts and larger areas of dextran delivery were achieved for smaller-size dextrans but all sizes permeate the hippocampus at this pressure. The scale bar represents 1mm.

Credit: Elisa Konofagou

Usage Restrictions: None

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