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Contact: Mary Beth O'Leary
Cell Press

Phytoplankton Patch Morphology and Velocity Field Characteristics During Different Phases

Caption: (A) This image shows Chl cropped according to patch boundaries, which are identified as regions of strong gradients in the Chl field. Note the abrupt change in patch biomass as reflected in temporal variations in Chl values. For the equivalent images before cropping, see Figure S1. (B) Okubo-Weiss (OW) parameter emphasizing the core of the eddy in which the patch is embedded as a region in the velocity field dominated by vorticity (negative OW) rather than deformation (positive OW). (C) Attracting LCSs, which delineate transport barriers that separate between the patch and its surroundings. The images are from June 6, 2012, June 22, 2012, and July 2, 2012 (days 158, 174, and 184, respectively). Arrows represent the geostrophic surface currents. Purple dots mark the location of the patch centroid. Black contours delineate the patch boundaries. Green circles mark the 30 km disc around the patch centroid.

Credit: Current Biology, Lehahn et al.

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