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Contact: Charles Blue
National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Optical Image H-ATLAS J142935.3-002836

Caption: Using gravitational lensing, ALMA, the VLA, and many other telescopes obtained the best view yet of a collision that took place between two galaxies when the Universe was only half its current age. These new studies of the galaxy H-ATLAS J142935.3-002836 have shown that this complex and distant object looks surprisingly like the well-known local galaxy collision, the Antennae Galaxies. The foreground galaxy is doing the lensing and around it is an almost complete ring — the smeared out image of a star-forming galaxy merger far beyond. This picture combines the views from the Hubble Space Telescope and the Keck-II telescope on Hawaii (using adaptive optics).

Credit: ESO/NASA/ESA/W.M. Keck Observatory

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