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Contact: Itai Himelboim
University of Georgia

Department of State Twitter Network

Caption: This network maps the relationships among Twitter users who posted messages using the hashtag #SecClinton on Nov. 28, 2012. Images are key Twitter users in the network, and the lines connecting them illustrate the relationships among users, namely retweets and mentions. The network illustrates the clusters, sub communities of interconnected users. On the left are users with which the State Department has direct relationships. In the center-bottom are the Middle East and North Africa clusters. Social mediators from the region are primarily non-formal, such as bloggers. On the top-center, the cluster is dominated by individuals and bloggers, primarily from the US. On the top-right is a cluster surrounding US agencies around the world. The relationships across clusters illustrate mediated public relations.

Credit: University of Georgia

Usage Restrictions: None

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