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Contact: Natasha Pinol
American Association for the Advancement of Science

Science Cover

Caption: This is a partial view of the predictive map of high levels of arsenic in groundwater resources in China (blue, low probability; red, high probability; width, 600 kilometers; resolution, 1 square kilometer). Chronic arsenic poisoning from contaminated groundwater is a major health problem in many parts of China. An estimated 19.6 million people are potentially exposed to elevated arsenic concentrations in their drinking water. See pages 852 and 866.

Credit: Image: Luis Rodríguez-Lado and Michael Berg, Eawag

Usage Restrictions: Must credit AAAS.

Related news release: Un nuevo modelo de riesgos permite resaltar el riesgo de contaminación por arsénico en las aguas subterráneas de China

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