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Contact: Natasha D. Pinol
American Association for the Advancement of Science

Dynamic Earth Visualization Excerpt: Coronal Mass Ejection and Ocean/Wind Circulation

Caption: Visualize our Universe: An animated video shows our sun's powerful magnetic energy and Earth's strong magnetic fields that drive the winds and ocean currents that form our planet's climate. The narrated movie, "Dynamic Earth," took complex, state-of-the-art computational models from research institutions across the United States to create a high-resolution visualization of our universe for the big screen, which is now playing at planetariums around the world.

Credit: Greg Shirah and Horace Mitchell (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center-SVS); Tom Bridgman (Global Science & Technology, Inc.)

Usage Restrictions: Please cite the owner of the image when publishing. This image may be freely used by reporters as part of news coverage, with proper attribution. Non-reporters must contact Science for permission.

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