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Contact: Natasha D. Pinol
American Association for the Advancement of Science

Cortex in Metallic Pastels

Caption: Move within the Brain's Cells: "Cortex in Metallic Pastels" is a first-place illustration by Greg Dunn that communicates the layered structure of the cerebral cortex, resembling a forest. The stylized painting, derived from Asian principles, uses gold leaf, aluminum, acrylic dye and other materials to uncover the beauty of microscopic cells in the brain. The artist explains that "the neurons are painted by a technique wherein pigments are blown across the canvas using jets of air, a technique that closely emulates the spontaneous, random branching patterns of actual neurons."

Credit: Greg Dunn, Brian Edwards (Greg Dunn Design); Marty Saggese (SfN); Tracy Bale (UPenn); Rick Huganir (Johns Hopkins University)

Usage Restrictions: Please cite the owner of the image when publishing. This image may be freely used by reporters as part of news coverage, with proper attribution. Non-reporters must contact Science for permission.

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