Funded Research News

Public Release: 21-Jul-2016

Lack of sleep increases a child's risk for emotional disorders later

University of Houston
Public Release: 19-Jul-2016

Infections, antibiotic use linked to manic episodes in people with serious mental illness

Johns Hopkins Medicine
Public Release: 19-Jul-2016

Rate of new HIV infections increased in 74 countries over past decade

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation
Public Release: 18-Jul-2016

HOPE open-label study of vaginal ring for preventing HIV begins

Microbicide Trials Network
Public Release: 18-Jul-2016

Study points to critical periods in early-life learning for brain development

New York University
Public Release: 15-Jul-2016

Comprehensive map of primate brain development published in Nature

Allen Institute
Public Release: 13-Jul-2016

Drug-use may hamper moral judgment