Funded Research News

Public Release: 4-Feb-2016

Some chronic viral infections could contribute to cognitive decline with aging

University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences
Public Release: 29-Jan-2016

Could blood pressure drugs have a role in Alzheimer's disease treatment?

Georgetown University Medical Center
Public Release: 28-Jan-2016

Penn researchers use network science to help pinpoint source of seizures

University of Pennsylvania
Public Release: 26-Jan-2016

Study details source of mental problems associated with MS

University of Rochester Medical Center
Public Release: 21-Jan-2016

Discovery of consoling behavior in prairie voles may benefit autism research

Emory Health Sciences
Public Release: 18-Jan-2016

Team develops wireless, dissolvable sensors to monitor brain

Washington University School of Medicine
Public Release: 15-Jan-2016

Poverty linked to childhood depression, changes in brain connectivity

Washington University School of Medicine
Public Release: 13-Jan-2016

Scientists discover how we play memories in fast forward

University of Texas at Austin