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Contact: Nancy Solomon
Saint Louis University

Chill out: Anger can give you a headache

Saint Louis University researcher says holding it in can make you hurt

ST. LOUIS -- Miffed that your daughter neglected to take out the trash - again? Annoyed that a stranger cut you off in traffic? Ticked because your boss tagged you to work on a holiday?

Here's something else you can get mad about. Holding that anger in can give you a headache, according to new research from a Saint Louis University faculty member.

"We found that holding in anger is the biggest predictor of headaches, among the group of patients we studied," says Robert Nicholson, Ph.D., assistant professor of community and family medicine at Saint Louis University and principle investigator for a study recently published in the medical journal Headache. "Anger might be one of the many things that interact to trigger headaches."

Of the 422 adults Dr. Nicholson studied, 171 suffered from headaches. He looked at how angry a person is, how much he or she internalizes anger and how severe and frequent headaches are. He also considered whether the individual was anxious or depressed; both have been linked to headaches.

Dr. Nicholson found that bottling up anger made it more likely to have headaches - even more so than depression or anxiety.

Does that mean Dr. Nicholson recommends expressing anger instead of letting it fester? Not exactly.

"There are times that expressing anger isn't the best thing. Yelling at your boss could cost you your job. Making an obscene gesture at a driver who cut you off in traffic could lead to road rage," he says.

"What I would hope to do is to help people learn ways to lengthen their fuses so they avoid becoming angry."

That in mind, Nicholson suggests these strategies to cope with anger.

"Whether the wound is from someone else or is self-inflicted, the greatest power you have is the ability to forgive and let it go," Nicholson says. "It won't change the past, but neither will being angry."


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