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Contact: Britt Olofsdotter
Swedish Research Council

Breakthrough for The Planet

Today, 17 February, the website The Planet Infact was launched in English. The Planet - a science portal, a TV series on prime time and a movie - turned out to be one of the most successful Swedish campaigns ever in communicating global change issues. The campaign is a result of a unique, well timed and thoroughly organized collaboration between a film-production company, a science portal and the Swedish public service television.

Through successful collaboration The Planet has had an enormous breakthrough in Swedish media and thus reached a broad Swedish audience. The aim of the campaign was to enhance public awareness of the planet Earth; to show its limits, its treats and its possibilities. The Planet is frequently used for public educational purposes at all levels.

The campaign consists of a movie, a four episode TV series, a science portal with educational stories, illustrative animations, and interactive videos, a website with on-line games, all together a result of a unique collaboration between a film production company, the Swedish public service Television and a science portal, forskning.se, owned by ten public research funding agencies.


For more information go to: www.forskning.se/theplanet

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