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Contact: Jeff Haskins

Myra Wopereis-Pura
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Experts gather in Ouagadougou to map out agenda to accelerate innovation for African farmers

Over 700 prominent agriculture researchers, policy makers, and development experts from around the world along with the President of Burkina Faso and ministers of Agriculture, Science and Foreign Affairs from several African and European countries are gathering 19-24 July in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso for the 5th African Agriculture Science week and General Assembly of the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA).

FARA Week (www.faraweek.org) comes amid widespread recognition that investments in agriculture research must increase significantly and the fruits of this work must reach the fields more quickly to provide African farmers with the innovations they need to feed the continent's rapidly growing population. The gathering also occurs at the same time African leaders will be in Kampala, Uganda at a summit of the African Union, which is focused on maternal, infant, and child health and development.

"The links between these two incredibly important meetings could not be clearer because nothing is more vital to maternal and child health than the food that is produced on Africa's farms and the income agriculture provides to lift our people out of poverty," said World Food Prize Winner and executive secretary of FARA, Monty Jones.

What: 5th African Agriculture Science week and FARA General Assembly
When: 19-24 July 2010
Where: Ouaga 2000 International Convention Centre, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Among those participating in the African Agricultural Science Week and General Assembly are:

Key issues to be discussed at the FARA meeting include:

There also will be a week-long exhibition featuring dynamic array of agriculture innovations from inside and outside of Africa that provide new insights into such challenges as pests and plant diseases, bioenergy production in Africa, maintaining Africa's agriculture biodiversity, climate change, and regional integration.

In addition, there will be a range of discussions organized by FARA constituents on a number of compelling topics, including efforts in Africa to develop the capacity and expertise required to conduct regulatory assessments of agriculture biotechnology, and the role of the public and private sector in driving innovations on African farms.


Editorís note: Follow the conference via this blog: http://faraweek2010.blogspot.com/

Media Contacts: For more information, or to receive a press conference schedule, contact:

Jeff Haskins at +254 729 871 422 or jhaskins@burnesscommunications.com

Myra Wopereis-Pura at +226 71186386 or mwopereispura@fara-africa.org

For more information, please visit: http://www.faraweek.org/

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