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Contact: Chris Noble
National Physical Laboratory

Graphene Conference: From Research to Applications

An impressive range of recent breakthroughs in understanding graphene properties has raised expectations for graphene to revolutionise technology by offering faster, smaller, lighter, more flexible electronic devices, with new functionalities. Commercial applications of graphene, ranging from transistors to touchscreen displays, are being pursued by a growing number of companies from start-ups to recognised technology leaders. Metrology has become one of the early adopters of this new revolutionary material and a key enabler of the progress from laboratory to industry.

This conference will review some of the new concepts of graphene electronics and progress in understanding graphene physics, technology and metrology.

Talks will be given by key international experts from industry and academia, including members of ConceptGraphene. Participants will also have the opportunity to visit various metrology laboratories at NPL.

Preliminary list of invited speakers

Poster contributions

Poster contributions are invited on all aspects related to the meeting. Posters should be created at A1 size and presented in portrait format. An experts' round of the posters will be made to judge the best poster. The winner will receive a prize.

Exhibition and sponsorship

There are limited spaces for exhibition and sponsorship opportunities.


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