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Contact: María José Aguilar Cordero
University of Granada

II Iberoamerican Conference on Nutrition for Children and Teens

This Conference is intended for health personnel, i. e. nurses, physicians, psychologists, pharmacists, nutritionists, endocrine doctors, physical education staff, university students and, in general, to all those interested in child and teen nutrition. The registration procedure is open.

The aim of this Conference is to share the scientific innovations and advances related to child and teen nutrition. For that purpose we count on renowned Spanish and International speakers that will lecture on advances in genetics and its influence on the development of obesity during childhood and adolescence; the relationship between maternal obesity and breastfeeding; breastfeeding as a preventive health tool; the Mediterranean diet as a healthy eating pattern for children and adolescents, and malnourishment in immigrant children and adolescents.

The Conference will consist of five lectures and four round tables composed of four lecturers each. The round tables will address the same topic from different approaches. Finally, three theory and practice workshops, three additional lectures and a poster session will complete the Conference. The event organizers have applied for this Conference to be recognized "of Health-Scientific Interest" by the Spanish Ministry of Health. The European certification has also been requested.


The conference schedule of the II Iberoamerican Conference on Nutrition for Child and Teens is available at: http://www.congresonutriciongranada.org


María José Aguilar Cordero.
University of Granada, Nursing Department
Phone Number:+34 958 242 897
E-mail address: aguilarc@ugr.es

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