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Contact: Emma Dickinson
BMJ-British Medical Journal

US edition of bmj.com launched

This week we're launching a US edition of bmj.com

Each month the website gets more than 368,000 visits from US physicians, academic researchers, policymakers and other healthcare professionals. From now on they will see a dedicated homepage showing the latest articles of direct relevance to them.

The site's four channels - news, comment, research, and education - will also prioritise content of interest to readers in the US, with a feed of international articles alongside.

David Payne, Editor of bmj.com said: "This is an exciting development for the BMJ and forms part of wider strategy to increase the amount of clinical and journalistic content from and for the US. BMJ USA will be the default setting if readers access bmj.com from the US. Readers can also switch to the international edition via a dropdown at the top of all pages."


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