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Contact: Dennis Tartaglia
Tartaglia Communications

Migraine and headache specialists gather at international headache congress scientific sessions

Researchers and clinicians worldwide working in migraine, headache and brain injury share the field's latest scientific advances at the International Headache Congress, hosted by the International Headache Society and the American Headache Society. The theme -- "Revolutionizing Headache Care through Science"-– presents important new work on migraine, headache and facial pain.

The congress will take place Thursday, June 27-– Sunday, June 30, 2013 at the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center, 900 Boylston St., Boston, MA.

Highlights of scientific papers and presentations include:

The meeting will kick off with the launch of the 36 Million Migraine Campaign: an unprecedented public education initiative led by migraine sufferer Cindy McCain and migraine specialists from around the world. A panel discussion-– "A Time to Make a Difference: The 36 Million Migraine Campaign"-– will seek to raise awareness and $36 million for use in migraine research.

Migraine, headache and related disorders are among the least understood and treated, despite the fact that they are among the world's leading causes of disability and suffering. In the United States alone, it is estimated that 36 million men, women and children suffer with migraine, accounting for almost half of all years of life lost to disability attributed to neurological disorders. The Federal commitment to migraine research is about $16 million-- less than 45 cents per person-– for a disease that costs more than $29 billion a year in direct and indirect medical costs.


To view the entire AHS meeting schedule, please click here: https://www.americanheadachesociety.org/assets/1/7/Full_IHC_2013_Schedule_for_web_5-22-13.pdf

Embargoed releases on the studies listed above, and interviews with these experts, are available prior to and during the meeting. Please contact either Dennis Tartaglia at dtartaglia@tartagliacommunications.com (732) 545-1848 or Joyce Yaeger at Joycey@mbooth.com (917)-783-6105.

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