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Contact: Elizabeth Powers
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

New edition of classic manual provides insights into development and use of monoclonal antibodies

IMAGE: This is an image of a VHH/antigen complex created by James R. Horn using PyMOL (The PyMOL Molecular Graphics System, Version Schrödinger, LLC.).

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The now classic lab manual Antibodies, by Harlow and Lane, has been revised, extended, and updated by Edward Greenfield of the Dana-Farber Cancer Center, with contributions from other leaders in the field.

This second edition of the manual is an essential resource for molecular biology, immunology, and cell culture labs on all matters relating to antibodies. The chapters on hybridomas and monoclonal antibodies have been recast with extensive new information and there are additional chapters on characterizing antibodies, antibody engineering, and flow cytometry.

As in the original book, the emphasis in this second edition is on providing clear and authoritative protocols with sufficient background information and troubleshooting advice for the novice as well as the experienced investigator.


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