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Contact: Jennifer Lappin
ARC Centre of Excellence in Coral Reef Studies

Exploring the future of our coral reefs

The current condition and future prospects of Australia's coral reefs will be in the spotlight at a gathering of leading marine scientists in Townsville on October 10-11, 2013

The Coral Reefs in the 21st Century symposium will present the latest research, management and policy developments in coral reef systems in Australia, our region, and globally.

Hosted by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, the symposium will feature talks by more than 30 eminent coral reef and fish scientists on the future of these vital marine ecosystems and the industries and communities which depend on them.

A highlight will be a public forum hosted by TV personality Paul McDermott and featuring five of the nation's stars of coral reef science at the Rydges Southbank, Townsville at 5.30pm on Thursday, October 10. This will be of vital interest to all whose livelihoods are linked to the GBR.

Key issues to be discussed at the Symposium include:


Media are welcome to attend the symposium and public forum, which are being held at the Rydges Southbank, Townsville on Thursday October 10 and Friday October 11. Symposium Program details at: http://www.coralcoe.org.au/news-events/symposia/coral-reefs-in-the-21st-century-townsville/symposium-program-coral-reefs-in-the-21st-century

Public Forum: http://www.coralcoe.org.au/news-events/symposia/coral-reefs-in-the-21st-century-townsville/public-forum-coral-reefs-in-the-21st-century-townsville

More information:

Jenny Lappin, CoECRS, +61 (0)7 4781 4222

Jim O'Brien, James Cook University Media Office, +61 (0)7 4781 4822 or 0418 892449


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