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Contact: Lisa Lambert
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Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Perimeter Institute and Krembil Foundation partner to recruit world-leading scientists

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Nov. 16, 2013 - Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics announced today a multimillion-dollar partnership with the Krembil Foundation to establish prestigious research chairs for two of the world's top young theoretical physicists.

A $4 million investment made by the Krembil Foundation - matched by $4 million from Perimeter Institute - has enabled Perimeter to appoint a pair of leading scientists to new chairs at the Institute in Ontario, Canada:

Known for its leadership support of medical research, education, and social services projects, the Krembil Foundation also believes that investments in frontier science at Perimeter Institute will help build a more knowledgeable and prosperous future for all.

"We see this as a smart investment in something that will be profoundly advantageous to all Canadians and the world - not just an economic investment, but an intellectual, educational, and cultural one as well," said Mark Krembil, President of the Foundation. "Perimeter is an exceptional institute, and these new chairs will enable some of the brightest young theoretical physicists in the world to maximize their research."

Perimeter Institute Director Neil Turok said, "We are extremely grateful to the Krembil Foundation for this visionary investment in Perimeter and the future of theoretical physics. Their contribution is a major boost to our unique public-private partnership supporting breakthrough physics research."

Kevin Costello, one of the world's top young mathematicians, will explore the intersections of math and physics as The Krembil Foundation William Rowan Hamilton Chair in Theoretical Physics at Perimeter Institute. "What's unique about Kevin Costello is that he's a great mathematician who goes much more deeply into the physics than other outstanding mathematicians in similar areas do," said Edward Witten, a Fields Medal recipient based at Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study. "There's every prospect that bringing Kevin to Perimeter will add a strong new dimension that brings an outstanding mathematics effort into synergy with the physics research."

Davide Gaiotto, a leading young mathematical physicist, was recruited from Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study and will hold The Krembil Foundation Galileo Galilei Chair in Theoretical Physics at Perimeter Institute. Gaiotto's conceptual advances in our understanding of quantum fields are "opening the way to more powerful mathematical descriptions of particles and forces in the universe," said Perimeter Director Neil Turok.

"To have Kevin Costello and Davide Gaiotto appointed as the inaugural Hamilton and Galileo Chairs is a real coup," said Turok. "We can look forward to a very exciting decade in mathematical physics at Perimeter."


For more on the Krembil Foundation Chairs and related information, visit the Perimeter Institute website, http://www.perimeterinstitute.ca/node/92616.

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