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Contact: Richard Hayhurst
Richard Hayhurst Associates

WSF RIO Declaration goes forward to UN

Role of science in global sustainability to form basis of post-2015 MDGs

RIO, December 2, 2013: The closing session of the 6th World Science Forum today published its closing declaration with delegates from over 100 countries pledging to advance the use of Science for global sustainable development. The declaration will now be taken forward by UNESCO as a key starting point for preliminary planning of the Post-2015 Millennium Sustainable Development Goals. Based on three days of intense and informed debate, the declaration contains 5 main recommendations for action:

WSF President Professor József Pálinkás was also pleased that the declaration provides a clear statement not just for policy makers but also the public on the essential role science can play in achieving global sustainability.


To read the full text of the Declaration of the 6th World Science Forum, please visit http://www.sciforum.hu

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