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Contact: Lisa M.P. Munoz
Society for Personality and Social Psychology

Science of first impressions: Press briefing for SPSP 2014

SPSP Conference Media Advisory

Science stories are bigger in Texas... Get your next big story at the SPSP annual meeting in Austin, TX, Feb. 13-15, 2014!

The 15th annual meeting of SPSP will bring together 3,500 scientists to share their latest research in 80 symposia and more than 2,000 posters. Join us in sunny Austin!

Come see the latest scientific research in a diverse array of topics - the accuracy of first impressions, behavioral influences on health, the link between parenting and happiness, ways to reignite passionate love, climate change skepticism, and more.

Register now.

Press registration gives access to all symposia, posters, special sessions, and exhibits. Additionally, SPSP provides a Press Room with Wi-Fi and workstations for registered media attendees. Press releases will also be available electronically for select symposia.

Announcing the following press briefing on first impressions, as well as other special events and sessions...

First Impressions: When Appearance Matters
Friday, February 14, 2013, 8:45-9:30am, Room 16B

Whether we like it or not, looks really do matter, sometimes even more than behavior or fact. A series of studies shows how first impressions not only shape our interactions with others but also influence how our relationships develop over time. First impressions predict everything from a person's likeability to their romantic potential and can even override other conflicting information provided to us.


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Other special sessions and events:


Register for the annual meeting now at: spspmeeting.org/2014/Press-Room.aspx

Abstracts for all symposia are available on the meeting website.

Discounted hotel rooms are available. Book early to guarantee low rates.

For all media inquiries, please contact:

Lisa M. Pinsker Munoz
Public Information Officer, SPSP
703-951-3195, spsp.publicaffairs@gmail.com
Twitter: @SPSPnews #SPSP2014

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