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Contact: HUANG YanHong
Science China Press

SCPMA published special issue of 85th anniversary for the Institute of Physics, CAS

IMAGE: The main building of Institute of Physics, CAS. The top cover figure displays the dark-field optical microscopic images of "IOP, CAS " patterns (See the article by GUO HongLian, et al....

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In celebration of the 85th anniversary for the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, we publish this special issue of Science China-Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy, which serves as a venue to display a small part of the research activities currently undertaken by us. This special issue contains one essay and 19 research articles. The prelude by the director of the Institute of Physics presents the highlights of chief achievements in the past five years. The remaining 19 articles deal with surface symmetry of crystalline film, fabrication of Al phase qubit, energetics of graphite-to-diamond conversion, plasma interaction driven by laser pulse, derivation of grapheme from SiC, ultrafast quasiparticle dynamics, charge density wave transition, dielectric and insulating property of heterostructure, Higgs type excitation in cold atom system, ZnO nanorod, design of target station and neutron instruments, Li battery materials, metallic glassy fibers, magnetic and magnetocaloric properties, high pressure physics, plasmonics, quantum functional materials, optical tweezer technique, resistive memory, etc. This wide spectrum of research topics reflects the essence of physics which cherishes the ambition to understand everything.


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Special Issue on 85th Anniversary for the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. SCIENCE CHINA Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy, 2013, 56(12): 2239-2424


Science China Press Co., Ltd. (SCP) is a scientific journal publishing company of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). For 50 years, SCP takes its mission to present to the world the best achievements by Chinese scientists on various fields of natural sciences researches.


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