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Contact: Megan Beech
University of Huddersfield

New book explores intersectionality in political institutions

IMAGE: Dr. Surya Monro, reader in sociology and social policy and member of the Centre for Research in the Social Sciences, has co-authored a new book which looks at specific ways...

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Dr Surya Monro, Reader in Sociology and Social Policy and member of the Centre for Research in the Social Sciences, has co authored a new book which looks at specific ways in which political institutions, policies, and political engagement can define, marginalize, and (dis)empower those they seek to serve.

Situating Intersectionality brings together political academics and scholars who identify and address two key concerns: How can intersectionality help us articulate, listen to, and understand diverse experiences of politics and policy outcomes? Secondly, what does this teach us about political strategizing and the possibility of political solidarity? Situating Intersectionality is an international collection giving voice to scholars whose empirical research spans Wales, Turkey, Chile, Canada, Haiti, Uruguay, England, and the American Midwest. The breadth and significance of this collection will appeal to political scientists engaged in intersectionality, students of new social movements, and international politics scholars.

'The authors in this exciting collection deftly address an impressive array of issues—including advocacy groups and NGOs, gender identity and identification cards, disaster relief, and HIV testing—across a range of geographic settings and political contexts. In so doing, their research highlights the importance of bringing an intersectional lens to long-standing questions about political institutions, political identities, and public policy.'



Dara Z. Strolovitch, Associate Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies and Affiliated Faculty, Department of Politics, Princeton University, USA and the author of Affirmative Advocacy: Race, Class, and Gender in Interest Group Politics

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