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Contact: Margaret Ferns
University of Luxembourg

How to keep our children safe from online predators

New book on cyberbullying

A new booked entitled "Cyberbullying through the New Media" seeks to provide a better understanding of how we can cope with and confront cyberbullying, and how new media technology can be used to actually support the victims of such abuse.

It covers the key issues in managing this pervasive problem such as how victims react to cyberbullying along with the guidelines and advice provided in different countries, as well as how this kind abuse can continue from school into further education and the strategies that can be used to prevent it.

"The book is a valuable resource for researchers, students, policy makers and administrators with an interest on how young people are rendered vulnerable to such bullying and harassment via online channels," explains Georges Steffgen, Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Luxembourg and co-author.

"Cyberbullying through the New Media" was co-authored by Professor Georges Steffgen and Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Peter K Smith from the University of London.


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