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Contact: Jana Smith
University of Oklahoma

OU & Sandia National Laboratories announce formation of the Center for Energy, Security and Society

The University of Oklahoma and Sandia National Laboratories announce the launch of the Center for Energy, Security, and Society—the latest in a 25-year history of collaborations between researchers at the two organizations. Together, OU and SNL have outlined a vision to enhance the nation's security and prosperity through sustainable, transformative approaches to the most challenging energy, climate and infrastructure problems.

Specifically, the 25-year collaborative research effort between OU and Sandia researchers related to the nuclear fuel cycle has created a shared vision for: (1) how physical and social scientists should work together toward finding and implementing sustainable solutions to nuclear fuel cycle problems; (2) how states and local communities need to be effective participants in the development and implementation of national nuclear energy policies; and (3) the education of new generations of leaders, an essential component of the successful implementation of national nuclear energy policies because of the long lead times associated with these policies.

Nuclear energy will continue to play a role in the mix of energy resources that is needed to meet growing energy demand, and the Center will continue to focus on nuclear energy as a core research topic, including topics such as the future potential for small modular nuclear reactors and further research into the disposition of spent nuclear fuel.

Under the umbrella of the newly formed Center, topics for collaborative research between OU and Sandia also will be expanded to include subjects as diverse as the domestic use of unmanned aerial vehicles, renewable energy options and water challenges facing the western United States. The Center will operate under joint direction and management of the two founding groups.


For more information about the Center, please visit http://cess.ou.edu or contact Professor Hank C. Jenkins-Smith, OU Department of Political Science and co-director of the Center, at hjsmith@ou.edu. At Sandia, contact Evaristo (Tito) J. Bonano, Sr. Manager, Advanced Nuclear Energy Programs and co-director of the Center at ejbonan@sandia.gov.

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